eSecureDox: The New Face of the Fight Against Cyber-Hacking !!

eSecureDox: The New Face of the Fight Against Cyber-Hacking !!

As we continue to make advances in technology in our country, there are forces out there that continue to make advances in cyber-hacking.

These forces feel no remorse when they set out to hack your device in order to steal your information. Because of this, the protection of people’s most private information has become the top priority for companies in healthcare, finance, legal, etc., who seek to protect their consumer’s data.We have already seen some of the biggest data breaches in Anthem, who had 78.8 million consumers across the country that were affected, as well as the notorious hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails during last year’s presidential election. This lack of security instills a lack of trust within our country as more and more people desire to keep their information private.

What is the best possible solution?
The biggest problem with most major companies today is the fact that they contain all of their client’s information on one server. This means that once a hacker is able to hack just one person, or one computer, they have access to the whole company. That was the case with the Anthem breach as the investigations were able to determine not only when the breach began but where it originated. It only took one phishing email to be opened by one of Anthem’s subsidiaries to allow the hacker access to move laterally within the system and gain access of 78.8 million’s worth of people’s personal information and health records.

So what is the solution to this problem? eSecureDox is our cloud-based document/file management and collaboration system. It allows our users to take advantage of the reliability and convenience of the cloud while maintaining the security afforded by individual encryption using our patented (US Patent # 8,613,105) digital certificate based encryption. Our use of PKI allows documents/files that are uploaded onto our eSecureDox platform to be encrypted using a private key. What does this mean? Simply put, only you have access to your documents as only you have the key for it. Certificates are authenticated and sent after just a quick Skype session and within 15 minutes you can be storing your documents securely.

eSecureDox and WebSecuredMail
Now, you might be asking yourself: what makes eSecureDox stand out from other software being used for encryption? Well for starters, eSecureDox meets critical security and privacy requirements associated with PCI-DSS, GLBA, FISMA, Joint Commission, and HIPAA compliance. Every single document and file that is stored and managed on eSecureDox is individually encrypted with a complimentary digital certificate, normally valued at $99.00 per user per year. This digital certificate is an electronic document which consists of information about the public key, the user’s identity, and the digital signature of an entity that verifies the accuracy of the digital certificate’s contents. With the authentication and integrity measures executed by a digital certificate, no user will be able to gain access to a document or file without having their identity and public key verified, and the owner’s approval of their request.

To maximize your security regulations, using eSecureDox along with our other encryption-based software WebSecuredMail will prove essential in keeping your documents private. While eSecureDox is used for the encryption and storage of your documents, WebSecuredMail allows you to share those documents with whoever you choose to. Now you might be thinking: How am I supposed to trust email after the breach at Anthem and of Hillary Clinton’s private email? WebSecuredMail isn’t just any email server however; every part of the email is encrypted differently, including the text and the attachment. This makes it twice as hard for someone to hack your documents because even if they had the ability to hack into our system and into your one email, they would literally only have access to the text of the email, and not the attachment. According to NSA, it would take 20 mainframe computers 20 years to be able to decrypt one file without the decryption key, making it undesirable for hackers to attempt to hack into our system. If all that extra security measures was not enough to convince you to make the switch to eSecureDox, we also made it accessible via web browser and any mobile device running on iOS and Android. The iOS/Android Mobile application also allows users to scan, upload and share their files securely. In addition to document encryption, your assigned Digital Certificate can be used to digitally sign files and document ensuring trusted workflow and collaboration, eliminating the need to print, sign, and scan documents. Since we are a licensed and audited certificate authority, Digital Certificates issued by Image-X fully conform to the ESign Act of 2000, resulting in a legally-binding and compliant signature.

HIPAA Compliance
The biggest professional sector that requires the most confidentiality is healthcare as security remains key when it comes to medical records. As we advance in our use of technology, everyone wants the ability to access their information with the touch of a screen. This is leading to more doctors and other professionals using their mobile devices to exchange confidential information in order to be more efficient and less time-consuming. While this may make it easier on them, it is putting their patients and clients at a huge risk for a breach.

While most companies have their servers protected according to HIPAA compliance acts, it doesn’t mean they are offering the most extreme and crucial security measures. Now you might be asking yourselves: What is HIPAA? Well, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was enacted by the United States Congress, and is currently enforced by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights (OCR). HIPAA essentially protects the privacy and security of patient medical information in both written and electronic forms. HIPAA Privacy Rule deals with Protected Health Information (PHI) in general, whereas the HIPAA Security Rule deals with electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). Simply put, in order to be HIPAA compliant, a company has to ensure the protection of your health information while it’s being stored and while it’s in transmission.

Other uses for eSecureDox
This is why eSecureDox and WebSecuredMail are the best option available currently in protecting your information, not only in the healthcare sector, but in a wide range of professional fields including law enforcement, finance, government officials, etc.

Our aim is to allow everyone to have access to protecting their most private information in an efficient, effortless manner. So even if you’re not in the range of professional fields who need secure encryption, eSecureDox and WebSecuredMail still makes security the top priority for all of its clients.