What we do

We are here to help you , Reach your global audience on any device. eSecureDOX provides a secure way to save any type of document. Our all documents including personal or official document can be saved in an encrypted format.

We are great at what we do

eSecureDOX is a cloud-computing platform powered by Google Drive that allows users to access a wide range of applications and services across a single network. eSecureDOX provides a variety of services, including free file storage and access, access to files on the go, online collaboration, simple file-sharing, workflow apps, and affordable pricing.
eSecureDOX users benefits from easy and efficient use of services, security, and reliability. Users have the ability to communicate, collaborate, and share information with whomever they want and whenever they want.

Cost savings

The amount of money saved in cloud computing is significant in itself -- a lesson learned firsthand by the city of Los Angeles when they recently transferred their employee email system to a cloud service provider.
Their transition is estimated to produce a five million dollar savings in the next five years (Morgan 5). Similarly, the Sheriffs Department in Medina, Ohio recently made the conversion to a cloud service provider for their department. Their new system was implemented in order to increase communication with other safety forces, including local fire departments.
According to the sheriff department, the transformation has saved the department around $215,000, which would have covered the $186,000 cost of updating existing equipment with $29,000 left over (Dan Pompili Sheriffs Office Finds Possible Pathway to Cloud).

Core services


All file that are shared through eSecureDOX possess password protection and file encryption, which allows users to electronically store and share confidential documents without the fear of being hacked. This feature is particularly necessary for law enforcement officers and healthcare institutions, who often upload and share sensitive documents containing personal information.

Mobile Access

Whether users happen to be in or out of the office, they are continually kept up-to-date on the current cases progress. This is a function of eSecureDOXs mobile feature, which allows users to access, edit, and share documentation from any location via their mobile devices.

Folder Synchronization

eSecureDOX ensures that files and documents are updated in all saved locations. With folder synchronization, important files and documents are always updated to the most recent iteration.

Remote Access

Users have access to their files around the clock from any location, even if there is not Internet connection. For example, whether officers are in the office or in the field on patrol, they can sign, send, and manage documents from their mobile phone or tablet and respond quickly and efficiently.